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World Ocean Day 2024 at Ocean Space

Venice, Italy. June 8th, 17:00–22:30

Photograph from the TBA21–Academy's Ocean Archive: Clement Coudeyre, Glacial Thaw Listening, Sólheimajökull, Iceland, 2023. Courtesy of Clement Coudeyre. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND.

This year's World Ocean Day carries a new, multi-year theme, Catalyzing Action for our Ocean and Climate, advocating not only for a "healthy blue planet but also a more just, equitable, and sustainable society."

Showing an understanding of the inextricability of social and environmental issue, the approach carried by TBA21–Academy (Ocean Space's leading foundation) highlights the importance of advocacy to catalyze collective and intersectional action, including a just transition to clean and renewable energy, an end to fossil fuel extraction, the inclusion of local communities, restoring natural habitats, and collaborating in transformative ways.


Bauhaus of the Seas Sails round table. Held in Italian First public kick-off of the Venice pilot of Bauhaus of the Seas Sails with Fabio Pittarello, Fabio Pranovi, Alessandra Libardo, Francesco Musco, and Paola Mar

Convivial Tables. "A Diet for Resistance". Held in Italian
Culinary installation curated by Barena Bianca

Immersive Dialogues: Unveiling the Interconnected Worlds through Art and Science. Held in English

Introduction and Discussion on Situated Practices. A Conversation with: Robertina Šebjanič, Laure Winants. Moderated by Dalil Benhis-Folliot

Conversation & listening session. Robertina Šebjanič: "Sounds of Troubled Worlds = Songs for Serenity in the Age of Aquatocene," followed by Q&A, moderated by Dalil Benhis-Folliot

Conversation & listening session - Laure Winants: "Time Capsule" in the Arctic - Presentation and Discussion, followed by Q&A, moderated by Dalil Benhis-Folliot

DJ Set curated by 100__ve — expanded festival

Find more information on the Ocean Space's website.

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